Understanding your Customer- Part 2

Do you know where your customers come from, what they desire and what they fear? Do you know their daily routine or do you even know the age, sex and income? If you want to be successful, you better should.

In this session with David Clayton, Managing Director of True & North you will learn that the ultimate difference between success and failure is how good you understand who your customers are and what they really want. Many startups fail because they are not addressing relevant customer needs in the market. Only knowing your customer gives you an insider perspective on the business ideas you should invest in and on those you should hide in the drawer.

The future of work is one of this years hottest topics. David Clayton, Managing Director of True & North, helps people develop human and cultural skills to succeed in the digital world. True & North helps startups better understand their customer, teaching them how to turn this knowledge into value and then a commitment.

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