Building a strong startup presentation

Startups frequently prepare a “pitch deck” to present their company to an angel or venture capital investors. The pitch deck typically consists of 15-20 slides in a PowerPoint presentation and is intended to showcase the company’s products, technology, and team to the investors.

Raising capital from investors is difficult and time consuming. Therefore, it’s crucial that a startup absolutely nails its investor pitch deck and articulates a compelling and interesting story.

Watch Oded Harel, a communications expert from Vayomar, a global consultancy firm specialising in interpersonal communication and management skills, as he helps inspiring entrepreneurs Noura, Karim and Jamil develop their pitch and presentation skills.


Noura Nseir, CTO of Nurmai Medical

Karim Fanadka, CEO of GreatBear

Jamil Mazzawi, CEO of Optima

* This video was filmed at the NBIC- Nazareth Business Incubator Centre- check out NBIC profile in our ecosystem section.

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