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NIMD technology is based on noninvasive microwave radiation and nanotechnology. Nanoparticles are injected into the tumor and attach specifically to the tumor tissue. The nanoparticles are metallic in nature and absorb microwave radiation more effectively then the surrounding tissue. When NIMD’s focused microwave radiation is applied, the tumor heats up to ablative temperatures killing the cancer cells without damaging the healthy tissue. The treatment is safe as it utilizes the Lowest Microwave Power Technology in the World. The microwave energies are comparable to those of a mobile phone.

Because of the selectivity, it does not have side effects and the chance of recurrence is lower. As it is noninvasive, the device may reduce or eliminate the need for surgical lumpectomy or mastectomy. We have demonstrated a proof of concept through biological phantoms and animal studies on mice.

The first indication to NIMD is Breast Cancer. The technology fits for other types of solid cancer tumors as well including: Glioblastoma, Skin Melanoma, Tongue, Head & Neck, and Axilla.

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