Hybrid 2020 cohort is open

The accelerator is part of the MaofTech program started by the Small and Medium Business Agency (SMBA) in the Ministry of Economy and Industry, in collaboration with the minorities economic development authority in the Ministry for Social Equality. Hybrid is unique in being focused on promoting startups founded by entrepreneurs from the various minorities of Israel. Participating ventures must have at least one partner from a minority population (Arab, Bedouin, Druze, Circassian).

Hybrid is an acceleration program for ventures aiming on bringing ventures from an early stage level, to a stage that enables initial fundraising from investors and/or other government programs. The program lasts about six months and consists of both weekly group sessions, and personally-tailored ones. While in group sessions, the entrepreneurial teams meet for lectures and workshops weekly, in the personally-tailored sessions, each team of entrepreneurs receives tailored individual support, professional advice, access to advisors, exposure to investors and more.

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The program’s benefits:

- Six-month program - including lectures, workshops, personal escort, aiming on defining your first product, map competitors and build a business and work and marketing plans.

- Lectures and workshops - professional lectures and practical workshops on technological entrepreneurship and business skills.

- Guidance by mentors - by professional mentors who are knowledgeable in the technological or business fields and experienced in setting up or managing startups or companies.

- Working place - a comfortable and custom-made work space available to the entrepreneurs, throughout the program.

- Meetings with investors - participants will be able to present their ventures to high-tech companies, investors, equity funds and stakeholders.

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