NeurIPS 2019 Honorable Mention Ibrahim Jubran and Alaa Maalouf

The 2019 Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) was held on the 8th of December in Vancouver, Canada. During which, the NeurIPS organizing committee announced the conference’s outstanding paper awards along other awards, where Ibrahim Jubran and Alaa Maalouf received an Honorable Mention Award for an Outstanding Paper, named “Fast and Accurate Least-Mean-Squares Solvers”.

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In their paper, which was chosen among 7,400 other papers submitted from all over the globe, Ibrahim and Alaa presented a data compression algorithm that reduced computational complexity by one or two orders of magnitude, with no precision loss and improved numerical stability.

Reviewers emphasized the importance of the approach, for practitioners as the method can be easily implemented to improve existing algorithms, and for extension to other algorithms as the recursive partitioning principle of the approach lends itself to generalization.

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