Fadi Elobra Globes 40/40 list

The 2019 edition of Globes 40 under 40 promising leaders was published this week. Nominees for the aforementioned list came from a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to executives, public servants, scientists, lawyers, high-tech and creative professionals. Among all of the nominees, Fadi Elobra made the list.

About Fadi Elobra:

Fadi says he “follows his anger”. Stemming from his own childhood experience with a failed educational system in his home town Rahat in particular, and with the general situation of the public educational system for the Arabic society, in general. Which in turn, while living in Jerusalem, made him enroll his 4 years old son to the YMCA, a private kindergarten. Moreover, Fadi adds, anger that stems from the limited employment opportunities that young educated Arabs are experiencing, who find it difficult to pass job interviews where they are supposed to talk about what they did in scouts or the army. In this context, Fadi learned to divert said anger and desire to remedy the above mentioned situation by starting a career as a social entrepreneur, and co-establishing his startup TALENTEAM.

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A Proactive Recruitment Company for Arab Professionals and Academics, that use innovative, proactive recruitment and placement programs, together with exhaustive, professional training during the recruitment process and coaching for new employees, in order to ensure successful integration into the companies.

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