Phyotolon wins second place in Calcalist FoodTech 2019

Dozens of food tech companies participated in this year’s food innovation competition held by Calcalist, food processing company Tnuva and accounting firm KPMG. Out of which, 11 finalists were selected to present their technology at Calcalist’s FoodTech 2019 conference, which was held at Tel Aviv coworking space Labs. Where natural food color startup Phytolon came in second place.

Phyotolon was Founded in 2018, the company develops technology for the production of natural food colorants through fermentation, using baker’s yeast cells as biofactories. The company’s food colorants are plant-based pigments in a variety of colors and applicable to a wide variety of food products. This technology is based on many years of leading research and groundbreaking inventions in the fields of plant metabolomics, genetics, and biochemistry, conducted and achieved by a research group from Weizmann Institute of Science.

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Halim Jubran, Founder and CEO of Phyotolon, holds a PhD in Biotechnology, combining several years of experience in project management in the global biotech industry, with broad scientific and technological knowledge in life sciences.

“The food industry is in a constant quest for natural, high-quality colorants,” Jubran said. According to him, current natural food colorants cannot compete with synthetic colorants, which he attributes to inefficient production methods. “We produce the same colors that plants produce in a natural process, using yeast. The colorants are cheap, compatible with a variety of food products, and sustainable.”

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