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Hasoub held its second annual conference at Cinematheque Umm al-Fahm, on November 1. The conference was attended by hundreds of Arab students, high-tech employees, entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors. Which in turn, garnered unprecedented networking opportunities among like-minded peers, as well as assisted many students and early-stage entrepreneurs to access the tech & entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With the above said and during the conference, Hasoub announced its vision and plans for Hasoub Garage - Hasoub’s first innovation and technology center and co-working space for entrepreneurs from the Arab society. In this context and shortly after the announcement, Hasoub launched a crowdfunding campaign to support and accelerate the execution of the aforementioned Garage. We at ArabtechPort, highly encourage and promote such endeavors, and urge all individuals to support the campaign.

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About The Garage

An innovation and technology center and co-working space for entrepreneurs from the Arab society in Israel. It’s located in Wadi-Ara in the triangle area where there are 6 major Arab cities and 23 villages, a total of 300,000 citizens. The current building is 500m2, and it’s part of a planned 11,000m2 project for culture, education and economic development in the area. The main goal of the center is to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation in the area through programs for entrepreneurs and investors, in addition to providing educational programs and help inspire the coming generations.

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About Hasoub

Hasoub is a grassroots NGO paving the way for the coming generation of Arab tech-entrepreneurs and working towards creating a more productive Arab society, prospering with innovation and entrepreneurship.

Hasoub focuses on filling the pipeline with more potential Arab entrepreneurs by empowering university students and early-stage entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, networks and resources they need to pursue their dreams and build their startups.

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