Siraj Technologies one of six chosen for agile accelerator

Six new startups from across Germany and Israel, operating in Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities fields, have been chosen to join the prestigious agile accelerator, one of which was Siraj Technologies.

Siraj Technologies

Enables fast, cost-efficient on-boarding of Industrial IoT (IIoT) edge devices through AI methods. The solution automatically generates customer-specific gateway software that can support previously unobserved devices and securely connect them to the cloud regardless of their format or protocol. One of the main challenges for IIoT networks is the lack of standardization. Siraj helps businesses overcome this challenge and tap the potential of real-time device-generated data to increase their efficiency and productivity.

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About E.ON and agile accelerator

The six companies chosen will engage in a 3-month immersive program. They will be eligible for 22.000 Euros funding, mentoring and training as well as access to E.ON network. The handpicked startups will work directly with experts from E.ON and :agile accelerator in order to test their solutions in a real environment and create long term partnerships.

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