First Arab digital marketing conference held in Haifa

The ArabtechPort team attended the first Arab digital marketing conference on September 24, organized by Wusol Digital Academy. The conference was held at Leonardo Hotel in Haifa, and was attended by hundreds of Arab digital founders and professionals, as well as by representatives of internet giants such as Google, Huawei, Facebook and others.

Among the topics and speakers that were discussed:

  1. The first speaker was Jeries Barham a Business Development Manager at Google. Jeries talked about how anyone can utilize Google Trends to understand current internet trends and in turn, better his or her digital marketing efforts, as well as provided the audience with some useful advice on building a better customer experience.
  2. The first panel-style session was moderated by Firas Naamnih, CEO & Copywriter at Panda Advertising. Where Janet Saliba, Digital Marketing Manager, talked about digital groups and communities. Rana Assali, Senior Online Marketing Specialist, discussed the importance of the human experience which clients go through in the age of digital marketing. Finally, Adeeb Awad, CEO at UpToMarket, talked about how a brand should be considered as a story and how it could enhance the presence and awareness of an organization in the mind of its clients.
  3. The second panel-style session was moderated by Dunya Makhlouf, an organizational consultant. Where Rida Azim, lecturer and consultant in digital marketing, discussed the importance of flexible planning and matching products to platforms. Tamer Ibrahim, Founder and CEO of Bkabsi, talked about his startups. Finally, Hanan Massalha shared her experience regarding establishing her own store for jewelry accessories on Etsy.
  4. Fadi Elobra, founder and CEO of Talenteam, presented the latest developments in the labour market and future changes in the digital marketing fields.
  5. Finally, the third and last panel-style session was moderated by Television Presenter Mustafa Qablawi. Where Sawsan Shazli a Digital Campaigns Manager and multiple other social media influencers took part in, discussing the importance of adapting your content to different social media platforms, and how important it is to engage your audience not only through social media.
Wusol - Digital Academy college, specializes in digital marketing. It was founded to make professional training in digital professions and knowledge accessible in Arabic practically orientated and constantly updated with technical and professional developments, while maintaining cultural and social sensitivity to the Arab society.

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