Management is science and leadership is art

Managers who lead a group to a specific destination, constantly look and examine if they are doing so in a rightful way, is the pace correct, are the steps correct and is the timing correct. They do all the above using monitoring tools and metrics, compared to them leaders will constantly look and examine if the destination is the right one, as also, will constantly make certain that all group members are giving their best towards reaching the destination, they do so by having a winning personality, communicating the destination and what the group is all about.

leadership is not to act upon a set of protocols and instructions written in management books, leadership is not a science, leadership is an art, the art of speaking, the art of listening, the art of understanding and influence.

Leadership is to create value in the long run.

In the last 40 years the business world was influenced by managers who are motivated to create the greatest and fastest value for stockholders, part of these managers did a great job, where they embedded protocols and processes, implemented monitoring tools and made sure their organization will meet their metric goals in the short and mid term, a few were the leaders who looked far and focused on creating value for their employees and clients, yet these few who cracked this formula were successful in creating the highest value for stockholders in the long run, as well as create the highest value for the community, country and the world.

Creating value for clients means providing an excellent service and excellent as well as new products. The way to reach innovation, entrepreneurship and great customer service is through employees, motivated employees, growing employees, employees who are connected to the vision and mission of the organization, employees who feel part of a whole, employees who constantly feel they are receiving and creating value. That is why leadership is an art, the art of influence, enrichment and inspiration.

Peter Drucker once said and was right to say: “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”

That is why I will end the above with the conclusion that managers are a significant part for any organization, but leaders are essential parts of it.

The above article was written by Shadie Bisharat, a member of the Israeli Leadership Forum and Vice President at Watergen.

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