Tech leaders gather to discuss IoT latest trends in Nazareth

The ArabtechPort team attended an event on September 10 organized by Matrix, and hosted by Nazareth Industrial Park. The event targeted executives and seniors in the industrial and high tech sectors from northern Israel. In this context, the main theme of the event was the Internet of Things (IoT), where it discussed the challenges and opportunities ahead, as well as how IoT will soon have many different implications on our day to day lives.

Among the main issues that were discussed:

  1. The differences between IoT and the Internet of Everything (IoE).
  2. The challenges IoE presents in matters of security and privacy of Big Data.
  3. How Web 3.0 offers to mitigate IoE challenges in the form of decentralization of data.
  4. The benefits of moving away from selling a product into offering the product as a service.

Main conclusions and insights:

  1. Connected products technologies will force prominent changes in the value it presents in the following three years, as organizations will have to develop operational systems that understand how to connect to and manage end-user connected products.
  2. The main business value and therefore improvement of it, stems from creating healthy connections with clients and suppliers, rather than production floor efficacy.
  3. The most prominent leap in improving operational excellency and Lean Management implementation, is the digitalization of processes.
  4. Digital solutions which combine connectivity and effective use of information are the ones that will offer the best business benefits. Which in turn, will allow organizations to provide clients with an added value, by offering swift insights via real-time advanced management of information.

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