Hackaveret crowd sourcing event on 6.8

The Arabtech Port team attended an event on 6.8 organized by Hackaveret, a hub that develops social ventures addressing the challenges different communities encounter. The crowdsourcing event, aimed to develop ways to encourage social entrepreneurship within the Arab community! By using crowdsourcing (a process of collecting and using the masses to obtain new investments and ideas), we were able to identify common themes and thereby develop new innovative ways to support the Arab society!

Among these themes:
  • Understanding the challenges that social Arab entrepreneurs encounter.
  • Connecting Arab social entrepreneurs with locally run social initiatives.
  • Encouraging new social initiatives within the Arabic community.

Big thanks for Suzan Hasan-Daher for being part of the organizing team, the speakers: Mahmoud Kaiyal and Ramzi Abu-Freih as well to Swidan Fadi, Hasan Abo-Shally and Rabea Zioud for participating in the event!

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