Local Arabs can now work in Saudi Arabia and obtain a resident status

Saudi Arabia has approved a new residency scheme to attract skilled foreign labour to help implement an economic reform programme aimed at reducing the kingdom’s dependence on oil. The law will offer two types of residencies: one would be permanent while the other could be renewed annually. The Saudi Arabian government will present detailed regulations and legislation within three months enabling professional staff, entrepreneurs, and investors to obtain resident status.

The government’s aim is to attract innovators from across the world to live and work in Saudi Arabia — and this reform will play a significant role in doing so. They believe these investors and entrepreneurs will help to drive private sector growth, which is needed to realise the ambitious goals set out in Saudi Vision 2030- which aimed to diversify the country’s economy by encouraging foreign direct investment.

The Special Privilege “Iqama” law will allow the holders to work in Saudi Arabia without having a sponsor “kafeel”, own real estate, ability to travel out of Saudi without an exit re-entry visa, hire domestic workers and obtain visit visa for their relatives.

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