Mawelan share the amazing Hybrid accelerator experience

About three years ago, we decided to become aspiring entrepreneurs looking for the next big thing.

At first, we gathered our expertise which was mainly in the ad tech industry and decided to co-found an ad network, that focused on managing online affiliate campaigns as a service for advertisers and at the same time developing tools to support our workflow.

During this time we noticed that as campaign managers we often lack working capital for our marketing budget, and so there might be a need for a concept that didn’t exist in the ad tech industry, yet it is common in other fields, and that is crowdfunding for online & affiliate campaigns.

The idea was to build a platform that will connect campaign managers and affiliate managers that are looking to recruit a marketing budget, with a potential crowd looking to fund their campaign.

At the time, we weren’t sure how to define or build the product precisely, and we needed thorough guidance both for the technical and managerial sides of this new startup, as we’ve never had any experience with launching a product before, and that’s how, through friend’s recommendations, we came across The Hybrid accelerator program.

From the first day that we’ve met with Hybrid, it became abundantly clear that the program’s sole purpose is to guide and assist Arab entrepreneurs in every aspect to become successful, and so we immediately recognized the extra value and pursued to become part of the last year’s cycle.

During the entire six months program, we’ve met a vast network of professionals that helped us with every detail, from meeting with incredible industry-leading mentors that guided us step-by-step each week, to elaborated business lectures by experienced entrepreneurs and business consulting agencies, in addition to massive exposure to startup events and a long list of useful tools and tips.

With Hybrid’s guidance, we’ve successfully launched a beta platform, and we’re working on scaling it up.

Today, we’re feeling a lot more confident having the knowledge and the set of tools we gained from Hybrid, and we’re part of the incredibly useful “Scale-up” by Hybrid,dedicated to assisting startups in advanced stages, and so far gave us incredible value with developing a full business plan.

The upcoming cohort is open for applications, we encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to apply.

Mawelan team members:

Rolan Daw, CEO

Alaa Hliehel, CTO

Tawfeek Jaber, Campaign Manager

Ibrahim Boulos, Campaign Manager

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