Women investors vs. women entrepreneurs- The fundraising journey

On March 5th, the Arabtech Port team participated in a panel discussion titled ‘Ladies who Launch: a conversation about fundraising and venture capital’.

The panel discussed the current state of women participation in the venture capital system from both point of views: women investors and women entrepreneurs who are raising investment.

Panelists shared the various challenges women face in venture capital raising/investment, with emphasis on available solutions resulting from experience. We are sharing here some of the highlights and insights:

Ola Baker Salameh, Founder and CEO, GrowOn shared her challenges when raising investment for her startup- Sebana Medical. She says that her identity- Mother, Arab and Women, is still seen before the fact that she is an entrepreneur and in order to tackle that her advice is:

- To invest in self development and try to work on your confidence level even if you need to fake it ‘fake it till you make it’.

- Always maintain a strong image which reflects that you have everything under control.

- Always remember success is the best revenge so it’s worth working hard for it.

Francesca Warner, Founding Partner of Ada Ventures (investor) shared that only 5% of people approaching investors are women. Women don't want to promise the world and not deliver.

She shared her valuable tips when approaching an investor:

- Swap tricky questions into a power answer.

- Invest in sales training, gain that skill and work on it.

- Get your story heard by media and newspapers.

- Know your customer and involve your customer in marketing your product.

- Always have facts and figures in your back pocket - keeps it less emotional.

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