Nas Daily’s secrets to success revealed in the OurCrowd summit

The OurCrowd fifth annual Global Investor Summit was held last Thursday in Jerusalem. This summit attracted 18,000 people from 183 countries across the world. More than 1000 entrepreneurs pitched, demoed or attended and more than 200 speakers shared their insights and expertise.

Imagine all of this energy in one space!

The theme of the summit was world changing social impact and investment in tech and innovation that seeks to solve global challenges in fields such as healthcare, public safety, environment, mobility, cybersecurity, food, and agriculture.

One of the keynote speakers at the summit and the person that attracted the most attention was Nuseir Yassin (Nas Daily). Nusseir (28) originally from Arraba village, is one of the most successful content creators on social media in recent years with 12M followers on Facebook. In a meeting between Nuseir and Mark Zuckerberg, Mark told him Nas Daily is the biggest video content contributor on Facebook!

Nuseir talked about his vlogging journey, challenges, milestones, his secrets to success, and more.

Nuseir shares that the reason behind his success is his followers, the people who watch his videos. “My videos are useless if no one watches them”. “My opinion is worthless if people can’t relate to it”. Nuseir is a very grounded person, he shares that he never wants to come out as an arrogant person, “with a bit of arrogance everything you have done is worthless”. Every once in a while he travels to somewhere new where no one will recognize him so he could be reminded that he is a human being like everyone else.

Nuseir also gave a speech at the closing plenary: Hope is a Global Thing showing that innovation and progress are possible anywhere, with hard work and hope.

Nuseir recorded a message for the Arabtech Port followers, watch it here, calling for more Arabs to attend networking events and conferences.

He also answered a few questions exclusively for our followers:

What’s your Mission?: “I want to tell story of people who are deserved to be heard from around the world.”

What's your short term goal?: “Reach as many people as possible, in as little time as possible in the best message possible.”

Why is it important to attend the OurCrowd summit and network?: “The power of connection is undervalued, it’s amazing how most people get opportunities not because they own the best company but because they are connected and know the right people. You need to know the right people to get to the right places. OurCrowd summit will help you meet the right people and partner with the right companies.”

Tips for Arab entrepreneurs: “Build more startups, do more, step up your game."

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