Maram Hussein's insider's view of a VC

I am Maram Hussein. I work at a VC fund, Vintage, where I serve as a bridge between our investors and our investments. As a company, we invest using three strategies – through a 'secondary fund', a 'fund-of-funds,' and by directly co-investing.

We are exposed to thousands of startups every day, investors need to understand where their money is going. My role is to ensure that investors receive their financials and understand the nuances between the startups and VC funds where we have invested. I’m also responsible for certain regulations related to our funds.

Because of our wide exposure, we seek to spur growth in the global ecosystem of technology startups in many ways. We host many global corporations coming to us with real challenges and based on their requests we connect them to specific startups that can potentially solve their pain-points out of thousands of solutions. We use our 'secondary fund strategy' to help founders and startups focus on long-term success building large companies, by relieving personal financial constraints and through the resources of a helpful CO-investor moving forward.

When I work with our LPs (investors) and they understand the nuances of our funds and strategies, we all rest assured that they will not only generate strong returns, but they'll also play a key role in advancing global technological innovation.

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