Mustafa Ali, winner of the MVP to visit London shares his experience

Mustafa Ali, a software developer at Amdocs, participated in a Makeathon competition organized by Tsofen in Nazareth, where he won the most valuable prize, granted by the British Embassy.

Mustafa, was one of the life changing innovation changers who participated in this amazing competition. His innovation stood out because it matched the UK's markets' needs. Mustafa developed heat maps to help stores learn from shoppers behaviors in just 36 hours. This fantastic idea granted Mustafa a business trip to the UK.

Mustafa just came back from his trip and this is what he has to share with you:

"I participated in the Bett London 2019 show, the worlds leading education technology show. I was impressed with the innovative ideas presented at the show, such as smart classrooms, robots and highly entertaining technological learning methods which may change our education future to a more efficient and smart one.

I joined the Global EdTech Startup Awards 2018 Finals event, the world's largest Edtech startup competition. Over 2,000 Edtech startups from 80 countries applied for this competition and the 15 most promising were chosen to this final event in London.

I would like to express my gratitude to the British Embassy for this opportunity to get an inside glimpse into the vibrant and engaged tech scene in London."

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