Exciting news from the Qasem hub launch event

Qasem hub was launched yesterday night at an event in Kofr Qasem, becoming the first ever co-working space for entrepreneur in an Arab city.

The shared work spaces of Kofr Qasem will provide entrepreneurs with an efficient work environment where they will find all their needs.

The hub is open to residents of the city and the surrounding area. In the hub the entrepreneurs can find unlimited high-speed internet, a modern space with 4 personal offices and 36 open space desks, luxurious meeting rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, community events and set up meetings between entrepreneurs and investors. In addition, the entrepreneurs will join a business network that conducts community and networking events every month.

The hub is managed by the Economic Company of Kofr Qasem, which will be establishing a high-tech suburb in the city.

The hub is expected to open on 1.2.19.

For more information visit their website: https://www.qec.org.il/LandingArabic/?fbclid=IwAR3...

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