Alpha Omega receives 7.5 million dollars investment from a Chinese fund

Alpha Omega is a company that offers technological solutions for neurosurgery and neuroscience, founded by Reem and Imad Younis, Arab entrepreneurs from Nazareth. The company's main field is Deep Brain Stimulation. Their equipment has been sold to hospitals and medical research institutions in the world.

The Chinese fund, Guangzhou-Israel BIO, has invested $ 7.5 million to establish a joint venture with Alpha in Guangzhou, China, which will manufacture and market for the Chinese market.

This is the first time that an external investor has invested in Alpha Omega, which has already obtained clinical approvals in China and is selling there.

Alpha Omega established a genuine connection with the Neurosurgeons and Neuroscientists communities in China. They recently obtained the China Food and Drug Administration certificate for their NeuroOmega which was a significant milestone for the company and enabled them to expand their operation and growth in the Chinese market.

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