Hybrid Annual Startup Showcase


Hybrid will be holding their annual “Hybrid Startup Evolution” event on the 5th of December. The event is a great opportunity to be exposed to the evolution of Hybrid's portfolio startups and see their achievements in the fields of Digital Health, DevOps, FashionTech, Gaming, and E-Commerce.

Furthermore, the event will feature presentations from 3 pre-seed startups from Hybrid's 4th cycle, as well as presentations from 3 portfolio startups:

Healthymize - a personalized, AI-based voice monitoring for voice-affecting diseases, listed on The Marker’s most promising startups for 2019.

Mirrori - an AI-based virtual beauty assistant providing advice to women based on their facial features and their own inventory of beauty products.

Shield34 - an AI-based solution for Selenium coders who want to keep using Selenium while enjoying stability, deep analysis, and much shorter test runs.

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About Hybrid:

Hybrid is on a mission to grow early-stage Arab-led startups into multimillion-dollar companies. Each year, Hybrid admits 8 startups into an intensive acceleration program, with one sole purpose - making the startup investable (worthy of VC investments) as quickly as possible.

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