MindHacks Hackathon | JEST and Jerusalem Hi-Tech Forum


The Jerusalem Entrepreneurs Society and Technology (JEST) and the Jerusalem Hi-Tech Forum (JHF), are collaborating together to bring to life the first Jerusalem hackathon, which will take place between the 22th-23th of November.

The MindHacks Hackathon is a 32 hours event, where enthusiastic programmers, designers and researchers will gain the opportunity to combine their skills, in order of building innovative solutions for real-world problems. Participants may form teams of up to five members, as well as have complete freedom in selecting a challenge to tackle, tools and project ideas.

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About JEST

Launched with the goal of planting a seed from which an entrepreneurial community can grow. JEST is centered around a physical hub for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as students and innovators. The services that JEST provides help create a rich and effective entrepreneurial/startup ecosystem in East Jerusalem. Ranging from technical and financial assistance, to host a variety of events and gatherings. JEST fills a vacuum and furnishes a wide spectrum of activities. It supports the establishment of new startups and helps speed up the process, creating job opportunities, and it promotes a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among East Jerusalem residents.

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About Jerusalem Hi-Tech Forum

Is the community of Arab Jerusalemites leaders who are paving the way for the next generation of technologists and entrepreneurs in Jerusalem. JHF focuses on empowering students and new graduates with the skills, tools, and resources they need to gain the desired knowledge in their journey towards success.

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