Lead Forward opens submission for 4th cohort | Kav Mashve


Kav Mashve is collaborating with Lahav Executive Development at Tel Aviv University to open its 4th cohort of Lead Forward. This unique program, offers to train the next generation of managers from the Arab society, who are currently employed by leading organizations in the Israeli economy.

The program aims to provide participants with diverse practical training, a set of tools and needed skills to assure their way to managerial positions. Kav Mashve believes that as Arab employees progress to managerial and influential positions, they are breaking glass ceilings, fulfilling themselves and producing positive impact both for the organization and for other Arab academics who aspire to develop a meaningful career in the Israeli economy.

Mandatory requirements:

  1. An academic degree.
  2. An adequate level of Hebrew and English.
  3. 3 years of work experience in a managerial role.
  4. Or en route to be considered to a managerial role.

Times and dates:

  1. Submission closes on the 20th of October.
  2. The program consists of 12 sessions.
  3. Sessions will be held once a week.
  4. From January 2020 to April 2020.
  5. For more information and registration, click here.

Kav Mashve:

Is an Israeli non-profit organization which promotes equal employment opportunities for Arab university graduates within the Israeli business sector. The organization was founded in 2007 by Mr. Dov Lautman, who was a prominent Israeli industrialist and a recipient of the Israel Prize for Life Achievement, in conjunction with the Manufacturers Association of Israel.

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