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Wusol Digital Academy will be postponing its second "Digital Marketing in the Arab Society" conference until further notice. which is due to the current national and global health concerns regarding the Corona virus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

The conference will be held in cooperation with Mercantile Bank and Creative Design Agency (CDA), as well as host representatives of internet giants such as Google, Paypal and Facebook, alongside digital marketing and e-commerce experts from the Arab society. Moreover, the conference will make room for participants to network, as well as be directly exposed to the latest information and most important developments in the above fields.

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About Wusol

Wusol Digital Academy specializes in digital marketing, and was founded to make professional training in digital professions accessible in Arabic. Wusol is practically orientated and constantly updated with the latest technical and professional developments, while maintaining cultural and socially sensitive to the Arab society.

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