The race for Cloud Acceleration


Microsoft will be holding an event under the name “The race for Cloud Acceleration”, which will take place on the 22nd of January at Microsoft Haifa. The event aims to discuss recent developments and challenges in cloud computing.

Moreover, Oren Ish-Am, Principal HW Manager at Microsoft Azure, will be discussing the different approaches Microsoft, Amazon and Google are taking in the field of cloud computing, as well as inform attendees regarding Microsoft Haifa’s latest activity in the field.

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About Microsoft Azure:

Azure is a massively distributed system with millions of compute and storage nodes. As data volumes increase and networking rates rise, CPUs are incapable of dealing with the additional processing of data in and out of the nodes. Some application level tasks like data encryption/compression and Neural Net Inference are now HW accelerated but we find that this is not sufficient and there is a need for HW acceleration of the basic cloud infrastructure like storage and networking.

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