Arab Tech Community (A.T.C)


ArabtechPort and partners would like to invite you to take part in establishing a new tech community!

Fourth meeting to be announced soon!

What is A.T.C?

The Arab Tech Community (A.T.C) is an initiative by ArabtechPort and 14 leading organizations:

WeWork Labs, Presentense, Hasoub, Hybrid, Takwin, Kav Mashve, Co-Impact, TalenTeam, N.S.F.C, AWSc, Wusol, HIL, SocietyLabs & FreshFund.

What will we do?

During these meetups we will run open-dialog to capitalize on your networking, nurture the development of your side projects, host speakers and guides,

and most importantly provide a stage to members of the A.T.C community to express what they would like future meetups to look like.

Why Should I Join?

If you are an Arab tech student, a junior, a senior or an entrepreneur - This community is for you!

How Can I Benefit?

Building a network - take an active part in building a new community that will benefit the Arab tech ecosystem and utilize these meetups to widen your very own network!

Developing projects - By using the power of networking you will develop your ideas into reality. You will also have the opportunity to approach one or more of the A.T.C Guides, to help

you develop your idea or project. The A.T.C Guides are experts in their fields (Product, Technology, Business, Marketing and Career), and are there to answer all your questions!

Feedback loop - During and following the meetups, you will be asked to provide anonymous feedback. The idea behind this is to better understand your needs as a member of A.T.C,

and thereby adjust future meetups to better suit the community member’s needs!

Free space - Every member of A.T.C is entitled to enter WeWork Haifa every Tuesday between 18:00 - 21:00, free of charge.

Where will we meet?

- All meetups will be held at WeWork Haifa.

- All meetups will be conducted in Arabic.

- While attendance is free, registration per event is required.

- First meetup was conducted on the 28th of January, check it out by clicking here.

- Second meetup was conducted on the 18th of February, check it out by clicking here.

- Third meetup was conducted on the 3rd of March, check it out by clicking here.

Future plans?

- After the initial kick-off stage consisting of four meetups, we intend to run a dedicated meetup once a month that will be designed according to feedback from A.T.C members.

- Digitally plug-in A.T.C’s generated content to ArabtechPort. Thus, provide a complimentary digital stage for members to continue communication and foster engagement.

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