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Siraj Technologies is organizing an event under the name "Unlock Video Insights with AI", which will take place on December 30 at Ben Gurion University, and will discuss the many insights we can gain from Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The event will feature Dr. Abed Asi, Senior Applied Researcher at Microsoft, where he will share his journey as well as the latest products and services he is working on at Microsoft. Moreover, the event will also feature Othman Alshekh, CEO of Siraj Technologies, where he will share information about what Siraj Technologies does and their different current products and services.

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About Siraj Technologies

Enables fast, cost-efficient on-boarding of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices through AI methods. The solution automatically generates customer-specific gateway software that can support previously unobserved devices and securely connect them to the cloud regardless of their format or protocol. One of the main challenges for IIoT networks is the lack of standardization. Siraj helps businesses overcome this challenge and tap the potential of real-time device-generated data to increase their efficiency and productivity.

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