Internet of Things workshop | Jerusalem Tech Nights


The Jerusalem Entrepreneurs Society and Technology (JEST), the Global Sharpers Community of East Jerusalem and Microsoft for Startups are collaborating together, and will be holding a workshop on the 19th of December, as part of the Jerusalem Tech Nights series (JTN). The workshop will discuss the Internet of Things (IoT), provide real-world examples and how to apply it.

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The workshop includes:

- A demonstration for an IoT application using a bot.

- Learning how to write code for an IoT device and how to establish interface and device communications.

- A short hands-on experience using raspberry pi.

- Examples of other projects.

- Note that the event will be held in English.

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About Jerusalem Tech Nights:

JTN is a series of events that specializes in discussing technology, its advancements and reflections on how it affects our daily lives and work.

About JEST:

Launched with the goal of planting a seed from which an entrepreneurial community can grow. JEST is centered around a physical hub for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as students and innovators. The services that JEST provides help create a rich and effective entrepreneurial/startup ecosystem in East Jerusalem. Ranging from technical and financial assistance, to host a variety of events and gatherings. JEST fills a vacuum and furnishes a wide spectrum of activities. It supports the establishment of new startups and helps speed up the process, creating job opportunities, and it promotes a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among East Jerusalem residents.

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About the Global Shapers East Jerusalem Hub:

The East Jerusalem hub is comprised of a network of budding and established young change-makers with varying experiences and lived experiences, unified by a common desire to contribute to social and economic advancements at all levels of society in East Jerusalem. It is the hope of the Global Shapers Community that one day all Hubs will use the unique network of like minded change-makers in an effort to promote long lasting universal and regional peace availing dignity and access to opportunity for all.

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